Hosting a Show

If you wish to put on a BAA Agility Show the BAA are more than happy to assist you as much as you require. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We will (if required):-

Help you to organise the Classes that you would like to run
Help you with the Schedules
Provide Show Processing
Help you to organise Equipment
Help you to organise Rosettes, etc
Advise you on your Insurance requirements
It's never been easier to run an Agility Show than under the British Agility Association!

What are the aims of this association?
To bring together Unaffiliated/Independent show organisers, to run their own shows under one set of rules, therefore giving competitors "a fair deal" with regards to working their way up through the classes and ultimately offering them a "British Grand Prix Finals," with a "British" title well worth working towards. Also a "British Dog of the Year Award" for each Height at Each Level

Will the British Agility Association restrict the way I want to run my shows?
Certainly not, you can run your own shows to exactly whatever format you prefer

What classes can I run at my shows?
You can run whatever classes you prefer

Levels - Introductory, Primary, Novice, Graduate and Masters

Heights - Micro, Mini, Medium and Maxi

Veteran & Pawsability are run at Micro, Mini & Medium
Juniors - Under 16's and under 12's
Therefore you can run any combination you wish.

Will points count from fun type classes?
Yes, you just need to stipulate whether they are classed as Jumping or Agility, i.e. Snakes & Ladders is a Jumping class

Can I run the type of class that the competitor runs twice?
Yes, points will count for the best run.

Can I run Limited shows?
Yes, providing the limit is done in a fair way, i.e. everyone gets the same chance to enter

Will points count at my Limited show?
Yes, providing the limit is done in a fair way

Can I charge whatever entry fees I prefer?

Can I choose my own Judges?
Yes, providing every Judge is given a copy of the Judges Guidelines and Judges to British Agility Association Specifications. (Seminars will be made available)

Please feel free to phone or email for further details
Tel. 07907 882 776



Hayley - 07907 882 776