Tailwaggers April - OMG Jumping?

Tailwaggers April - OMG Jumping?

Postby Gemma Miles » Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:06 am

Question for the Tailwaggers 'lot'...

April show schedule has OMG jumping - description states " A simple jumping course, but with a blue numbered course and a red numbered course, you pick a coloured ball out of a bag just before you run and follow that colour numbers OMG!!!"

Question is how will this class be judged? If one dog is doing 'red' course and another is doing 'blue' course how can they possibly be marked against each other? How can a judge possibly set two courses that will cover the same distance and include the same level of difficulty so that both courses are 'fair'? :145:

Or will the courses simply be a mirror image of each other, which I reckon would play merry hell with setting the timers between each run. :307:

All other classes where the course is not 'fixed' (take your own line, snakes and ladders, gamblers etc) there is the HANDLERS choice to try and take the best / quickest line for their dog, and if they get it wrong it is the handlers mistake. Am interested to know how it is going to work when that choice is dictated to you (all be it by the power of the balls! :700: )

Feel kinda sorry for the judges on this one...... Good luck! :128:

Any light to be shed?
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