Roxy needs a new home

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Roxy needs a new home

Postby slansdell » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:22 pm

Roxy is only one and his owner is having to give him up due to personal circumstances within her family. He's a boxer/staff cross and would be fab at agility, obiedience flyball etc hes a lovely dog with loads of energy but needs an owner who has had expereince with dogs as he is a bit of a live wire!! I would have him if I didnt live in a flat!!

Intellegence...... is an undestatement, this dog is so clever and picks things up faster than any dog I have known. He has not done any flyball/agility/ obedience trainning as his owner bought him as a pet but she has done basic trainning with him and he is lovely to have around the house.

Cannot upload a photo!! Please email me if you would like any more info or pictures
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