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Postby colliebird » Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:12 pm

Homes needed urgently NOW

Blue merle bitch, 4 years of age. Entire, has had pups in the past.

Blue merle castrated male, 5 years of age

Tricolour male, 1 year old, entire.

These dogs have excellent temperaments.

These dogs need a home NOW, before tomorrow, Monday.
Ring Juliet May on either 07920 118 870 or
0121 308 7246
The dogs are in Sutton Coldfield.
Original mail:
Dogs Needing Rescue
Permission to cross-post...

Hi all - we've received a phone call this evening with regards to
dogs requiring rescue / fostering from a farm that is subject to a
cruelty case.

Must get the dogs removed before the RSPCA get
their hands on them on Monday.

Please see follow-up email below - if anyone can help, can they
please make contact using the details at the bottom:

Hi Diane,

we spoke a little while ago about dogs needing rescuing.

The owners have been subject of an RSPCA cruelty case and banned from
keeping any animals for life. The case centered around 2 horses but all animals left have got to be gone by monday or will be taken by RSPCA.

It is a small farm but not a working farm so I don't imagine the parents have ever worked sheep.

There are Mother & Father: 3 years old blue merle, (male been castrated), and their pups which are about 11 mths old, vaccinated &
Most are blue merle,couple of dark tri-colours, some blue eyes, 1 odd eyed, some normal.

(There were 2 poor little blind all white pups which have gone into foster care already).
They all lived together in a large stable, are said to be paper trained, but?? Have a once daily run in large paddock where I saw them. Not noisy, all got on really well together, no fighting over
single ball they have to play with.

I brought 2 home to foster, totally unfazed by washer, hoover, cats, other dogs despite never having been in house. Been clean in house so
far. Bit shy at first, but not excessively. Happily volunteered to go in crates which I just left with doors open and are fast asleep in
there together now. Are far calmer than my own mad merle puppy! only the parents have had leads on so they panicked when led & had to be
carried to car but travelled quietly without panicking (did go in car to vets as pups to be vacc'd). These are really nice natured dogs, we
picked them up, shoved them into car crates, examined their teeth & paws & no sign of aggression, they have lived ankle deep in dog poo
until few weeks ago (have been bathed now!), they do deserve a chance if anyone can help please.

Don't know any more than that but if anyone can help please don't
hesitate to call me, Penny, on 07766 117 382 or Juliet on 07920 118 870..

Juliet is online now, on site where the dogs are.

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