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Dogs Unleashed

Postby Leanne Szostak » Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:02 am

Thanks to MCCS at Dogs Unleashed for a lovely show, great courses from the judges on Sunday :)

Many thanks to everyone who kept out of my boy's way with our strange queuing habits - he was recently attacked by another dog and is just regaining his confidence, and the attitude of our fellow competitors helped enormously! My now 10-yr old Kim was slightly nonplussed about her Micro jumps on her Veterans debut but was flying around by the end of the day, and my even older girl Mollie was extremely naughty but had a lovely time.

Apologies for not fulfulling my ring party duties - we competed in flyball on Saturday and camped there, which meant leaving the dogs during the day was impossible. Can we have mixed agility/flyball camping next year?! I know I wasn't the only one running backwards and forwards all day!
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